Hobby Center Houston

Hobbycentertickets.org is a resale marketplace focusing on the resale of tickets to events at the Hobby Center in Houston. We carry inventory for all upcoming events but focus specifically on theatre. There is a lot of buzz going around about the secondary market place’s overpriced ticket listings. These people often times have not benefited from the other side of the secondary marketplace which is finding discount tickets for sold out events last minute. This is the very purpose of the resale marketplace for the consumer; access to sold out events, and access to events at below face value. Often times when a seller purchases tickets to resell, they buy in BULK. They get group discounts because they have the financial liquidity to purchase large amounts of tickets at once, but then in the process of selling their inventory they get stuck with a few seats. The demand for the seat dictates the market just as with any other business, and because there is a time limit as to when a seat loses its value completely, a seller is in a race against time to sell their seats and sell them quickly and therefore must follow the market down often times below face value. You will find more often than not you can find tickets for the Pantages Theater on hobbycentertickets.org cheaper than at the Hobby Center Box Office or below face value because of the bulk discount wholesale ticket retailers receive.